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Zero tolerance policy towards Copyrighted media

Dear members,

As you are aware, we have always advocated against sharing of copyrighted images / videos on MD. However, earlier we used to tolerate posting of suspected copyrighted stuff until we received a complaint. In other words, if we did not receive a complaint, we did not take action.

Over the years, MD has grown and unfortunately, posting of copyrighted videos has grown equally. Recently, the number of complaints has grown quite a bit and thus we are forced to change this policy.

Starting today, we are actively removing all videos which are from known / reputed / identifiable brands / studios as we do not want to violate their copyright and invite complaints. This means many of you will lose posts/threads. Sorry, but we will not entertain discussion on this.

If you feel your thread was deleted wrongly, wait for a few days before raising hell. Right now the MDTF is busy in cleaning the old threads. We will post here when we are a little less burdened.

In the next post I will give you a list of websites / brands from whom we have received complaints in the recent past. This list is indicative, not exhaustive. It is intended to convey the idea that no branded videos are henceforth allowed.

If you feel we missed any thread / post, please report it.

Members violating this policy will be dealt with strictly.

For Admin Team


p.s.: You can continue to share your personal / unbranded / public videos etc. The prohibition is only for copyrighted material.
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